Willamette Valley

Wineries know that some of the hardest work is carried out in the vineyard. Since 1991, ¡Salud! has taken this to heart by auctioning wines for vineyard workers’ health care at a spirited event every November.

We are among 40 area wineries contributing custom Pinot Noir lots to the greater ¡Salud! good. The weekend kicks off with a grand tasting and silent auction on Friday, followed by the black-tie main affair on Saturday.

The record-breaking 2018 event raised over $1 million for the region’s vital vineyard laborers. Many of these field hands lack basic health care, and the mighty mission of ¡Salud! has always been to remedy that. Hundreds of laborers have received worksite health screenings, diabetes treatment, vaccinations, and more over the auction’s 28-year history.

Not only do we love taking part in ¡Salud!, but we feel obligated to do so. It’s a well-earned gesture to a significant part of our winemaking team.

For information on the auction, related events, and how to get involved, visit the ¡Salud! website.