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Representing the highest level of sustainable viticulture in the world.

LIVE (Low Input Viticulture and Enology) is a rigorous set of standards and practices for minimizing environmental and social impacts at wine properties in the Pacific Northwest. Certification takes into consideration everything from energy and greenhouse gas reduction to water and waste management, native wildlife preservation, biodiversity, and worker health and safety.

In 2012, Archery Summit achieved LIVE certification for farming practices, including reduced fuel usage and emissions, restoration of wildlife corridors, and ecological infrastructure development using bugs, birds, bees, butterflies, reptiles, large and small mammals, wildflowers, trees and more to reduce pesticide usage. 

We’ve also made efficiency improvements with our equipment, including regular service and calibration of farm equipment to ensure safety, as well as training on proper use of equipment. Other technology includes low energy lighting and recycling of farm waste.

Archery Summit pays close attention to how the workers on our farms are treated. Safety training is provided so that workers know how to respond to accidents. Rest and hydration breaks throughout the day promote worker health. We also offer healthcare, continuing education, and pay wages above what is required by law.