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Inspired by the remarkable growing conditions provided by the Willamette Valley, our team has unmatched expertise and in-depth knowledge of the land, right down to the intricacies of each vineyard block and how it will perform in relation to the season. We approach each step of the winemaking process with thoughtfulness and care. When it comes to Pinot Noir, it’s impossible to separate the process of growing the grapes from that of crafting the wine. Because the team has an intimate understanding of our vineyards, they’re able to adjust their methods to meet the whims of each vintage. Archery Summit pioneered the gravity-flow system of winemaking, eliminating the need for mechanical pumps used to transport must and wine among fermentors, tanks and barrels. Our design utilizes five levels: grapes received at the crush pad on the top level travel downward, one floor at a time, to our fermentation hall, aging caves and bottling area. By using an elevator built into the cellar 60 feet below ground, barrels can be lifted for racking and blending and filled without the use of pumps. This process prevents any stress on the wine that might impair its essence. Likewise, the winemaking team employs special fermentation techniques and varies barrel regimen to precisely match the cooper and toast level with the specific vineyard blocks and vintage conditions. These extra efforts are what allow us to craft wines that vividly express their distinct places of origin.