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Tim Scott, Vineyard Manager

Vineyard Manager Tim Scott, an Oregon native with more than 30 years of experience growing Pinot Noir in Willamette Valley, began his career in Oregon’s then-fledgling wine industry in the 1980’s. Hired to plant the vines at Rex Hill Vineyards, Tim went on to manage the estate for 14 years, learning hands on through trial and error the behavior and intricacies of Willamette Valley. In 1999, Tim took a position at Domaine Drouhin as Site Manager. Having demonstrated an unmatched ability to consistently produce quality fruit, Drouhin sought his expertise as the estate assembled its own team. After 15 years of nurturing their vines, Tim was eager for a new challenge. Able to be selective at this point in his career, he came to Archery Summit. According to Tim, “It’s all about baby steps in making the fruit a little better. Little changes amongst the vines, can have a huge impact in the bottle.”