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about us

Established by Gary Andrus in 1993, a pioneer among winemakers who championed site-specific wines and stressed the importance of clonal selections, Archery Summit has earned an international reputation for producing some of the finest New World Pinot Noir. Our 120 acres of estate vineyards across Willamette Valley consists of six carefully assembled vineyards, including five in Dundee Hills and one in the Ribbon Ridge AVA.

We were the first Oregon winery to implement gravity-flow architecture and dig underground caves to age our wines. By combining classic techniques with cutting-edge technology, we’re able to offer connoisseurs some of the world’s most distinctive terroir-centric Pinot Noir.


Pinot Noir is a delicate varietal that requires gentle handling at every stage of production. Archery Summit pioneered the elimination of mechanical pumps used to transport must and wine among fermenters, tanks and barrels. Instead, we engineered a unique gravity-flow design, which utilizes five levels.

Grapes received at the crush pad on the top level travel downward one floor at a time to our fermentation hall, aging caves and bottling area. Using an elevator built into the cellar 60 feet below the ground, barrels can be lifted for racking and blending and filled without the use of pumps. This process prevents any stress on the wine that might impair its essence.

With over 100 distinctive vineyard blocks, Archery Summit’s barrel regimen is purposely varied. We select a variety of coopers, matching the wood source and toast level to the vineyard blocks and vintage conditions, so that the barrels work in harmony with the wine.

winegrowing and vineyard management

It is impossible to separate the process of making the wine from the process of growing the grapes. Archery Summit implements organic agricultural practices, including a biodynamic approach at the Renegade Ridge vineyard. To further enhance the quality of the fruit, rootstock-to-clone combinations are constantly undergoing trials in order to best match our vines to specific terroir. Our vineyards are densely planted, producing smaller berries with more concentrated flavors.

To ensure the integrity of our Pinot Noir, yields are kept low. In fact, the amount of pampering that goes into cultivating our vines results in sound fruit that is highly expressive and terroir-driven. As a result, connoisseurs have the opportunity to experience wine on a rare, refined level

caves and winery

Archery Summit is the only Oregon winery with natural caves. Modeled after the underground caverns of Burgundy’s Côte d’Or, our subterranean cellar is hewn from the natural volcanic rock found beneath the estate. This feature naturally maintains a temperature of 55°F to 59°F throughout the year, with a humidity level below 75%. These are optimal conditions for storing wines maturing in barrel. Visitors may explore this amazing underground cellar with a tour of the winery and discover first-hand how the architecture is critical to the production of our wines.