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Looney Vineyard

The youthful vines at Looney Vineyard include an unusually broad palette of Pinot Noir clones and rootstocks that benefit from balanced amounts of heat and sunlight thanks to the gently southeastern slope of the site. The sedimentary soils of the Ribbon Ridge appellation are quite different from the volcanic/basaltic soils of the winery’s Dundee Hills vineyards, and so add a new flavor dimension to Archery Summit’s portfolio. These faster-draining soils require more attention to keep the vines in balance, and the overall warmth accelerates fruit development more quickly than in the Dundee Hills.

Acerage: 17 acres
Years planted: 2000-2004, 2009
Exposure: Southeast
Soil: Marine sedimentary
Elevation: 390-500 feet
Character: Precocious, Dynamic, Engaging

Wine Profile

The wines from Looney Vineyard have an appealing precocious quality that can be seen in the distinctive sense of blue fruit they deliver to the palate. Fresh plums and red currant flavors combine with notes of citrus—particularly blood orange—and baking spices to deliver a juicy wine with great density and vigor.