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Archery Summit encompasses 120 acres of exceptional vineyards in Willamette Valley’s Dundee Hills and Ribbon Ridge, appellations renowned for producing Pinot Noir of inexplicable allure. The soils here are well-drained and rich in minerals due to geological activity that dates back to the Ice Age. This ancient history coupled with centuries-old traditions adopted in Burgundy, set the stage for this distinctive parcel of remarkable Oregon terrain to produce some of the most celebrated wines ever made.

Archery Summit employs a combination of farming methods, including organic and biodynamic techniques. We use a wide selection of clones and rootstocks, including some of the oldest Dijon clone plantings in the area, to capitalize on each vineyard’s unique traits. Rootstock-to-clone combinations are constantly undergoing trials to optimize how the vines perform in each block of land.

Our vines are densely planted and trained low to the ground. Leaves are hand-thinned and clusters are sacrificed to keep yields extremely low. These exacting methods allow our Pinot Noir wines to capture site-specific characteristics and deliver intensely expressive personalities.